Choosing a Long Island drywall contractor

We here at McEvoy Drywall hope you choose us to be your Long Island drywall contractor. But regardless of your final choice, here’s a tip that can help you select the right drywall contractor for your project.


Drywall Contractors Who Bid Low

Many drywall contractors compete on price, meaning they try to land the job by bidding as low as possible. For their part, homeowners want to spend as little as possible, so they take the bait.

In some cases, homeowners get a good deal — but usually they get ripped off.

Low Priced Drywall Contractors Aren’t Always Best

Think about it: a good drywall contractor has many repeat customers. His drywall business gets many referrals from friends and family. He also always has new customers calling with their projects. The overall result is that a good drywall contractor can say no to some jobs, especially when he knows that the homeowner isn’t looking for high-quality work.

Now imagine a drywall contractor who offers the lowest bids possible. Chances are he doesn’t have enough happy customers to enjoy repeat business or customer referrals. Instead, he promises the moon and hopes to land any job he can. Now what happens when this sort of drywall contractor finds a job that pays better? He does the absolute minimum to finish your job, leaving low-quality work. Or worse, he stops showing up after you pay him, leaving you with half-finished walls and ceilings.

Costs of Hiring a Low-Quality Drywall Contractor

We see this scenario play out time and again. A customer hires us to fix what a lesser-qualified, low-price drywall contractor did to their walls and ceilings. Unfortunately, in the end, these customers always end up paying twice: once for the bad drywall contractor and then again when they hire us to fix his mistakes.

Choosing the Right Drywall Contractor

Whichever Long Island drywall contractor you hire, be savvy: insist on high-quality work in the first place. In the end, hiring a drywall contractor who does the right thing is always the most cost-effective solution.

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