Drywall Installation

We handle all aspects of drywall installation, including:

  • Small patches in residential homes
  • Large-scale projects (two- to three-hundred board installations, generally)
  • Drywall installation over metal studs
  • Overlaying new drywall over existing walls and ceilings (often more cost-effective than tearing down or skim coating old surfaces)
drywall contractor working on Long Island, NY

Drywall Finishing

Drywall finishing typically requires three coats of joint compound, or spackle. We usually allow each coat to dry for a full day before proceeding. But if time is a factor, we have fans and dehumidifiers to speed the process. Using quick-setting joint compound might also an option for some projects.

Dustless Sanding

Vacuum sanders are our greatest competitive advantage. These tools feature spinning sanding discs, much like rotary sanders, that divert dust into a shop vacuum.

Watch the above video to see a vacuum sander in action.


Some surfaces are so damaged they require a comprehensive skim coat. For example, walls damaged by paneling or wallpaper often benefit from skimcoat repairs.


Skim coating is labor intensive. In some cases, ripping out the old wall and ceilings and replacing them with fresh drywall is more cost-effective.


Overlaying damaged walls and ceilings with new drywall is another possibility. Contact us for a free estimate to learn more.