Wall and ceiling repairs. DIY?

The major advantage of hiring a drywall contractor is clear: you want your walls to look good. But unless you’re experienced, even simple wall and ceiling repairs can turn into a nightmare.


Preparing for Wall and Ceiling Repairs

First, you might not prepare the surface correctly. For example, if the paper coating of the drywall is torn or bubbling, you must remove the tiny shreds to avoid future lifting and bubbles — which might not emerge until after you’ve painted the area. Similarly, nails and screws might show through later if the drywall isn’t installed correctly.

Efficient Wall and Ceiling Repairs

The second reason you should hire a professional is efficiency. While the concepts behind drywall installation and finishing aren’t difficult, well-practiced hand motions are necessary for leaving the job smooth. An experienced drywall contractor can do in minutes what an amateur can do in days. That means your wall and ceiling repairs will drag on and on, which might cost you more money in lost time than hiring a professional drywall contractor would.

Avoiding Mess and Minimizing Drywall Dust

That brings us to the third reason you should hire a professional: amateurs tend to be messy. A seasoned spackler knows how to coat a seam smoothly, without too much excess. A novice, in contrast, might leave thick lines and globs, increasing the amount of sanding required — and thus increasing the amount of dust created.

More Advantages of Hiring a Drywall Contractor

Need more reasons? Drywall contractors have special equipment to make the job go quicker, from scaffolds to stilts to vacuum sanders. Experienced spacklers know how to use quick-drying materials to meet a project’s deadlines. Drywall installers can hang drywall quicker than amateurs can lift it into position.

But perhaps the most important reason: you don’t want to look like the guy in this video…

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